The Saint John Fisher Missale

Directions for printing the files

All material is presented in PDF-files, which can be opened with Acrobat Reader. All files are formatted in A4 and can be printed out in this format. However, a smaller format may be more practical for handouts in the pews. Hence we suggest to print everything double-sided as a booklet so that each A4 contains four pages of text.

Most Propers are 3–4 pages long, and hence they only have to be printed out double-sided as a booklet and folded in the middle. Propers for some occasions (e.g. Candlemass) have more than four pages. If printed out double-sided as a booklet, each pair of pages should be folded together in the middle, so that the resulting booklet should have all pages at the right place. In order to avoid confusion, the pages of these longer Propers are numbered.

Most Ordinaries (apart from Cum jubilo) have only two pages. The files contain them twice, and if they are printed out double-sided as a booklet, each sheet has to be cut in half.

The Ordo Missæ, the Orders of Requiem Mass and the short Kyriales are longer. They can likewise be printed out double-sided as booklets and then folded, but it would be advisable to staple them in the middle. It is hoped that they will also be made available through Print-on-demand.

Please note the following: with some printers, printing double-sided as a booklet can be activated both directly through the ‘Print’ function of Acrobat Reader and in the Printer Driver control window accessible through the in the ‘Properties’ field next to the name of the printer. If one of these selections does not lead to the desired result (e.g. by printing one side upside down), please try the other, it may require some patience to find the right setting.